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Regarding mouse use in EMR (e.g. Easy Macro Recorder), add a...

'Mouse Setup/Profiles' configuration menu item that would contain a couple of ready-to-use basic Profiles utilizing the few commands supported by not only the simple, basic mouse controls of cheap, lesser quality mice, but would still be immediately useable with gaming and other higher quality models. When a better quality of mouse is to be used, let the user configure one, or multiple 'mouse profiles' that would be stored in an EMR child folder, allowing the user to enable ALL/SOME of their mouse's functions. This would let the user access ANY/ALL of their mouse controls, of which many of the newer & higher quality models have quite a number of! First, the user would enter a number (without leading zeros; supporting an acceptable entry range of 3 minimum and a max of ~20) in a box to signify how many commands were to be programmed. EMR would then create a template containing two blank columns (one titled COMMAND and the other DESCRIPTION), with one 2-column blank entry line each to the total number of commands entered by the user for programming. The user would then simply put their cursor into the first line, column titled Command and click the first entry, the Description could be entered by the system, for those it can recognize, but the user could also edit it, if they wanted. They would click a button in this portion of EMR configurations, of SAVE, SAVE AS, SAVE DRAFT, EDIT or CANCEL; SAVE could be a stock alpha name adding a 2-digit number from nnnnnn01.emr to the max entry preset at ~20. Save As would allow the user to name a Profile as they wish, limited to six alpha characters (no periods, or extents), EMR would then complete the 2-character number in keeping with the next Profile entry and the '.emf' extent. Edit would simply return them to the Profile configuration screen, they just left and Cancel would take them out of the Profile section of the Configuration Menu. I think that's pretty clear and would be useful, I believe. Hope you like it!

skylark , 04.05.2012, 13:22
Idea status: under consideration


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